SKP is a leading diamond jewellery manufacturer based in Surat. We specialise in lightweight and fine jewellery that is aimed to evoke confidence in every woman who wears it.

Mr. Balubhai, who started a Diamond Polishing unit back in the 1980โ€™s, is the founder of this family owned business. Carrying forward his tradition of hard work and deep understanding of stone and gem jewellery, the next two generations have taken the business to a whole new market of finished diamond jewellery.

Diamonds are rare, but not that expensive! โ€“ If bought from the right seller.

We believe in giving the best quality diamonds at affordable rates to our customers. We are honest with our customers about every product detail โ€“ which assures them of the quality and guarantees their return to us every time they think of buying jewellery again.

We are proud to source all the modules and manufacture our jewellery in India. We are staunch believers of “Make in India” campaign launched buy our Hon. PM Mr Narendra Modi.

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